Corporate Social Responsibility

Streamline our business. Value our communities, people, and economies

Our Corporate Social Responsibility
(“CSR”) Programme

Beyond creating value for our brands, Times Trust is thinking about how we account for the environmental and social impacts of our work—and CSR is a crucial element of the equation. Times Trust is well positioned to support its business model and takes its CSR program seriously. Our company goal is to show value to customers, workers, shareholders, and the community.

Love To The Moon

At the heart of our CSR programme is our partnership with the Love To The Moon Foundation (“LTTM”), the charity organisation that gathers love, resources and energies to support and make differences to communities across the city. Times Trust acts as a qualified custodian for the LTTM, ensuring assets like cash donations and grants are properly protected.

Programme Activities, built together with LTTM…

Donation and giving programs

  • Gather resources donations during pandemic such as mask, sanitizers, and remedies for the unprivileged community group.
  • Donations made through qualified custody accounts held by Times Trust are safer and easier to manage. Times Trust ensures that the donated funds are securely held and administered, with regular reporting and monitoring.

Community involvement program for employees

  • Our management supports and encourages employees to participate in impactful volunteer opportunities they are passionate and matter most to them.
  • Give employees and other important stakeholders the ability to create a volunteer opportunity, invite others to join, and organize the event from one place.
  • Recognizing employees’ volunteer time and overall impact on causes they care about improves their mental and physical health by boosting their sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Bringing our values to lives

Our CSR strategy is built around Times Trust core values.

  • Creditability – our community can count on us
  • Professional – help our community member grow
  • Quality – make sure that our community contributions are meaningful
  • Tailor-made – care for each community member
  • Thinking-beyond – show love and concern for the neighbourhood

Social Missions of Times Trust

Apart from tangible results, Times Trust aims to incorporate feedback from clients and employees, establish itself as a leader in social matters, and showcase how its initiatives will benefit the community.

    • Ensure Sustainability
    • Measure Impact
    • Communicate Results
    • Develop an Approach