Custody &
Escrow Services

Secure Your Assets with Trusted Custody and Escrow Services

We Protect What’s Precious

Times Trust’s custody solution allows clients to have assets held in the name of Times Trust as Custodian. A custody account with Times Trust is a straightforward arrangement with three fundamental elements:

  1. A Custody Agreement which sets out the intentions for the custody account and the responsibilities and liabilities of both Times Trust and the client in respect of the operation of the account;
  2. Client’s instructions which can be submitted to Times Trust via a client portal; and
  3. Times Trust will act upon the client’s instructions subject to the terms of the engagement letter. In the event of ambiguous instructions, we will seek clarity before proceeding.


of a Custody Account

  • Supports most major currencies;
  • Support different asset types, including but not limited:
    1. Stocks
    2. Commodities
    3. Gold Bullions
    4. Private shares
    5. Mutual Funds
    6. Real estate
    7. Insurance policies
  • Foreign exchange service upon request;
  • Collection and payout services in various jurisdiction;
  • Compatible with other trust structure and trustee services.

Why Custody with Times Trust?​

  • Times Trust is a reliable and reputable service provider in Hong Kong and have access linked to other services.
  • Safekeeping your assets; periodic statement with the details of your account balance and activities; receipt and delivery of assets and collection and distribution of proceeds from purchases and sales; cash processing and collection of assets; accounting activities such as
  • Access to an excellent network of exchange brokers and intermediaries, as well as a wide range of fiat services facilitated by global network of top-tier depository banks.

Escrow Service

The use of escrow has always been an excellent tool to facilitate transactions by jointly appointing a third party agent (i.e. the escrow agent), providing the counterparties with additional legal comfort that the matter will only proceed if the pre-conditions within the escrow agreement have been met. Times Trust provides secure and flexible escrow service means to hold escrow funds or documents in most transactions including multi-jurisdictional and multiple currencies deals. Contact our client relation representative for more information about our escrow service.

In 2022, Hong Kong introduced significant regulatory changes to the way that virtual assets are traded on exchanges. The changes have incorporated the rules on “securities” and “futures contracts” administered by Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission.

Under our client agreements and custody agreements, virtual assets are treated as securities or futures contracts.

Securitisation of
Virtual Assets