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What is a Trust and a Trustee?

A trust is a legal relationship, established by Trust Deed, whereby a settlor transfers ownership of assets to a selected trustee, who manages and administers those assets for designated beneficiaries according to the Trust Deed.

A trustee is an individual or company that holds and manages wealth and/or other assets for the benefit of a third party or parties (also referred to as the beneficiary or beneficiaries). Trustees have fiduciary responsibility and are expected to make decisions in the beneficiary’s or beneficiaries’ best interests.


of a good Trustee

  • Interpret and understand all trust documents, well enough to properly administer the distribution of any trust assets to the beneficiary (or beneficiaries)
  • Prepare all financial statements and management of accounts within a trust
  • Make sensible and reasonable decisions based on the provisions outlined in the Trust Deed
  • Prepare all record keeping on behalf of the trust
  • Communicate with beneficiaries regularly in order to keep them informed on the associated accounts and taxes

Key advantages of setting a Trust

Increase tax efficiency

Enhance privacy on your personal and financial matters

Protect your assets

Plan for succession

As Your Trustee

Times Trust Limited (“Times Trust”) is a registered trust company that acts on behalf of a person or corporation as a professional fiduciary or trustee in order to transfer assets to a beneficial party. Times Trust can also act as a custodian for trusts, estates, custodial arrangements, asset management, stock transfer, beneficial ownership registration, and other related arrangements.

Our Service​

Times Trust can call on extensive experience in trust management and offer bespoke solutions tailored to client needs. Headquartered in Hong Kong, we can smoothly manage your trust requirements in multiple jurisdictions including Hong Kong, Singapore, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands and Labuan. Our team is fully committed to fiduciary responsibilities, and you can rely on Times Trust to protect and grow your wealth. Our Trust services includes:

  • Trust set up
  • Acting as Trustee
  • Trust administration (Inclusive all regulatory filing and reports)