HR & Payroll

You may count on our HR and payroll services to support your growing business.

Your employees are valuable resources that need to be managed effectively. Hong Kong employer obligations, such as the Hong Kong Employment Ordinance (Cap. 57) (“Employment Ordinance”), are in place to safeguard both you and your employees.

The Employment Ordinance establishes the regulations for  Hong Kong employees in terms of wage payment, statutory holidays, paid annual leave, sickness allowance, and other benefits. The Employment Ordinance also includes a series of regulations that might complicate employee recruitment and compensation. If the employees are foreigners, they
also need to apply and obtain a working visa. Breaches of employment rules can result in heavy fines, and imprisonment penalties.

Our comprehensive human capital management solutions cover a wide range of human resource challenges that businesses encounter as they expand locally and globally.

  • Payroll & Payroll Health Check – From calculating to depositing payment into individual employees’ bank accounts, we can assist with the entire administrative payroll process and provide customised payroll reports.
  • Online HR solutions – We provide a ‘self-service’ employee online payroll solution that allows you to handle your employees’ pay checks easily. Our online HR system helps to process leave applications and approvals.
  • Contracts and handbooks – Your employees will need contracts that comply with Hong Kong law. We supply employment contracts and handbooks that meet legal requirements.
  • Provident fund schemes – Provident fund schemes in Hong Kong, such as MPF, can be complex. We can assist with organising and implementing statutory provident fund schemes to help ensure on-going compliance with local employment requirements.
  • Tax and compliance – We can review rental reimbursement claims to ensure compliance with company policies and tax requirements.
  • Employment & Dependent Visa Application
  • Executive Search – a leading search specialist assisting organisations in the appointment of high calibre candidates to fill senior management level positions based in Hong Kong (SAR) or in the Asia region.