Environmental, Social and Governance

Make living sustainable

Times Trust's ESG Vision

Times Trust’s ESG is carefully incorporated in its business model and operation, as well as investor’s checklist. We believe that the most viable path is to make things extremely valuable in order to address unresolved concerns.

  • For Our Client – We share our ESG vision and business value with our clients. 
  • For Our Employee – We motivate our employees by implementing a modern and equitable ESG program.
  • For Our Investor – We prove to our investors on positive impacts that are reflected by our ESG program.

Our ESG Framework


  • Environmental risk management
  • Anti-illegal transactions


  • Employee relations
  • Employee diversity
  • Employee safety
  • Employee engagement
  • Human rights
  • Working conditions


  • Corruption and bribery
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Business ethics
  • Risk tolerance
  • Compensation policies
  • Escalation protocols